Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer
Research Foundation

P.O. Box 765
Short Hills, NJ 07078-0765
Telephone: (973) 376-0986
Web address:

Grant Program:

The Foundation makes grants for support of graduate medical and pharmacy school research projects. For questions, a representative from the institution's office of sponsored research should contact the Foundation Secretary, or request in writing via email a copy of the Biennial Report, dated May 1, 2012. All requests from principal investigators must go through their institution's office of sponsored research.

The Foundation will hold meetings twice a year - April and October. All original letters of inquiry must be submitted by January 8 for the spring review and July 25 for the fall review. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.


The Foundation does not accept applications without prior approval of a submitted Letter of Inquiry and does not make grants for any of the following: individual scholarships, dissertations, tuitions, fees, sabbatical leave or travel funds for PhD or Masters programs; projects involving vivisection or other experiments on or using parts of animal subjects (excluding insects); indirect costs and equipment not used in the application; overhead, supplies, equipment, building, endowment funds or general institutional support; domestic and foreign travel, conferences, exhibits, seminars, lectures, workshops, surveys, or general purposes; delivery of healthcare services; general programs of basic biomedical and cancer research; national fundraising or election campaign organizations, causes or publicly financed projects, and other foundations' fund raising purposes; and projects which are more appropriate for support by other sources, such as pharmaceutical companies for commercial applications of existing products. The Foundation does not consider grants to colleges or undergraduate programs, except colleges of pharmacy. The Foundation does not make grants to foreign institutions, foreign projects and institutions or programs located outside the United States.
Updated January 6, 2014